Rayglass Legend 2150

This award winning boat is soft riding and easily handled.

Adapted from its predecessor, the 650, but with added features such as a new hull design, a higher cockpit floor, folding rocket launcher and canopy enabling this vessel to be stored in most garages.

Easily manageable on and off the trailer, the combined tow weight makes for ease of towing with most vehicles. Divers will love the easily accessible, under-seat storage capabilities for tanks and dive gear, and like all Rayglass Legend series boats they can take the knocks while delivering the goods.

Kit it out as a fishing boat without sacrificing the luxuries, or take 5 minutes to rig it for fun and games on the water.


  • Length 6.7 m
  • Beam 2.4 m
  • Fuel Capacity 200 L
  • Deadrise 21˚
  • Tow Weight 1900 kg
  • Recommended hp 130-225 hp



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