Summertime isn’t just a season.

It is a chance for a whole new lifestyle.

The time to try something different.

An opportunity for adventure and experiences.

A time for memories and quality time with family and friends.

And buying a boat can help with just that.

Whether you want to escape the hustle and bustle of your 9 to 5 work week, or want to live a little larger over the holidays, we believe owning your own boat can make your downtime, the best time.

No doubt there are many ways to make summertime special.

But here are 7 ways that owning a boat can make summertime magic!

  1. Boating Adventures

Owning a boat in Queensland opens up a world of possibilities. The ability to head out on the open water when and where you want, not being confined to land-based activities, and the ability to explore your favourite summer destinations as you have never explored them before.

From island hopping to exploring hidden coves, viewing oceanfront sunrises to magical sunsets, and sightseeing to star gazing; being able to head out on the water at your own convenience creates many opportunities for adventure.

  1. Boat Recreation

Having a boat along Australia’s coast can take recreation time to whole new heights. The joys of sailing, the pleasure of fishing, the fun of cruising on a sunny day, and even dining on the water are just some of the options a boat grants you during the warmer months.

Better yet, when you own your own boat, you can do these things any day and any time. It even allows you the excitement of going out and catching the evening’s dinner, fresh from the ocean. And with some of the best fishing boats in Queensland, you will be sure to find the perfect recreational boat for your needs.

  1. Boat-Based Water Sports

Summertime is perfect for adrenaline junkies and fun lovers. Water skiing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, snorkelling, and tubing are just some of the water sports made available by having your own powerboat for an Australian summer.

With our Queensland-based boat dealership, enjoying these activities on your own terms is a much closer reality than you might think!

  1. Freedom

Perhaps it is the quiet time you are after. A place to de-stress. An escape. A day on the bay without the crowded beaches. The freedom to leave your problems on dry land for the afternoon and enjoy some quality and calming ocean air.

Whether your brand-new boat is docked at a marina or parked in your driveway; having it available to you for a planned or last-minute escape can be a joyous feeling.

  1. Quality Time

Boats are great for fun family time and family bonding. From being able to participate in boat-based activities together to enjoying time away from the regular distractions; owning a new or used boat in Queensland can be an amazing way to spend some quality time with the family.

Quality time isn’t just for families. Owning a boat gives you a pretty special option for date nights, anniversaries and birthdays with your special someone.

  1. Social Functions

Bringing people together can be that much more exciting when done in a special location. Whether it is a big family catch-up, business function, Friday night drinks, party or a getaway with friends; having that luxury boat on hand gives you the ability to be the superstar of social gatherings. Boats also make an amazing setting for a business meeting, photo shoot or film location, another great way of bringing people together.

With some of the best brands in stock, you will be able to find a suitable luxury boat for sale at our Queensland dealership.

  1. Learning / Teaching Boat Skills

Maybe you like learning new skills. Perhaps learning about boats has been on your wish list for far too long. Maybe you are passionate about boats and marine life and would like to pass those skills and knowledge on to your kids. Having a boat allows you to engage in the learning and teaching of those new skills on a regular basis.

Learning new skills on a boat also extends to fishing, boat-based activities and exploration. Giving you the ability to hone these skills and engage in something with your family anytime you like.

There you have it, 7 ways you can make summertime magic by owning your own boat in Australia. With plenty of boats for sale in Queensland, in all shapes and sizes, you will be sure to find the perfect boat for your ideal summer. With all the possibilities owning your own boat can create, you will be on your way to making this summer one to remember.

Summertime, the way it should be!

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